Here is the script, which is on the CD. What three favors does Mrs. Grant ask Kate to do? What does Kate agree to do?

Neighbors - Listening B - page 3 -- from Irene Schoenberg's Speaking of Values (Pearson, 2004), as transcribed by Michelle

Mrs. Grant: Is the mail in yet?
Kate: No, Mrs. Grant. Not yet.
Mrs Grant: Really? I tell you... it seems to be coming later and later.
Kate: Seems that way.

Mrs. Grant. Kate, uh. I have a couple of little favors to ask.
Kate: Sure. What is it?
Mrs. Grant: I'm going to be away for three weeks. Could you do me a favor and get my mail?
Kate: Certainly. No problem.

Mrs. Grant: Oh. Thanks so much. That would be great. Uh... and I was also wondering.. if it isn't any trouble... uh... could you water my plants?
Kate: I guess so. How often?
Mrs. Grant. Oh, every other day, it that's okay.
Kate: Of course. Do you have a lot of plants?

Mrs. Grant: Only 30. Uh... There's one more thing. Could you possibly take care of my dog, Fifi? She's absolutely no trouble at all.
Kate: Hmmm. You know. I really don't think so. I've got a lot of work, and I don't have that much free time. I hope you understand.
Mrs. Grant: Well, sure I do. Thanks for helping me out. Have a nice day.
Kate: Thanks. You, too.